Understanding Photographer’s Pricing Models

Photographers use two main types of pricing models: All-Inclusive or A la Carte. Which one is better?

Well, that is a bit of a trick question because the answer is: whatever works best for you.

To help you understand the difference between the pricing models, I have briefly explained them as well as listed a few pros and cons of each. Please send me a message if you have any questions.

All-inclusive pricing

All-inclusive pricing is exactly as it sounds. It is ALL-inclusive. One price for the pre-session consultation, the session and all of the edited digital images. The cost of your session and the edited digital images are included in a simple pricing model.


-You know the final cost of your session – no surprises

-No need to make any choices between images – they are all yours!


-If you are only interested in receiving one or two images from your session, this pricing model may provide you with more than you are looking for.

A la Carte Pricing

A la carte pricing allows you to customize your photography experience to suit your needs. Prior to booking, the photographer will send you their pricing guide which will list the cost of the session and itemize the digital print/digital collections he/she offers. Often the fee for the session includes a pre-session consultation, the session and the editing of all of the images from your session. But that’s it. Any digital images you want must be purchased separately.


-Minimal upfront investment

-You have the option to buy as many images as you want (unless a minimum order is outlined in your session agreement)


-The full cost of your photography session is unknown. Will you want all the images? Will you just want one? There will be a big price difference between the two outcomes.

Hybrid Pricing

Session fee + a specific number of images = hybrid pricing

This is something I have begun to offer my Mini Session clients.  Hybrid pricing offers the session fee AND a selection of digital images to clients. For example, my Mini Sessions are made up of  a fee for the session and specific number of  digital images.

If a client is interested in purchasing additional images, a hybrid pricing model allows clients to do just that. Often clients who book a mini session are planning to get “just a few” images but once they see see their completed gallery of edited images, they are interested in buying more.


-You will receive a specific number of digital images without additional costs

-There is the option to buy more photos, if you want it


-Potential for additional cost


As always, if you have any questions, please contact me and I am happy to answer them.





Understanding Photographer’s Pricing Models

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