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May 12, 2022

How To Choose A Photographer

Dear Mamas and Mamas-to-be,

I am so happy you found your way here. Finding a photographer isn’t easy, is it? There are so many to choose from.

So how do you do it?

Here are five tips to helping you choose your photographer:

1) Style.

Does their style match yours? Are their photographs dark and moody or light and airy? Do they mostly capture posed images or do they also capture the moments in between? If you don’t know what style you want, I suggest you start a Pinterest board. For example, search “newborn photos” and pin all the images you love. Once you have a number of images, you will get a sense of what style you lean towards.

2) Look for someone you trust.

Read the reviews of each photographer you are considering. And not just the reviews they post on their websites. Check out their Google reviews.

3) Ask to meet them.

Schedule time for a phone or Zoom call. This will give you a chance to ask questions and get a feel for their personality.

4) Follow them on social media.

Do you like their vibe? Do you get a good feeling from them? Trusting your instincts is important.

5) Ask to see a former client’s full gallery of images.

It is easy for a photographer to post one or two great photos from each client’s session and create a beautiful portfolio. BUT can they deliver an entire gallery of images? Ask each photographer you are considering for access to one of their client’s full galleries. (If they say “no” that tells your something.)

I am happy to chat with you about my services or about finding a photographer in general. To book some time, just fill out the contact form and we can connect.

Looking forward to meeting you 🙂


p.s. If you would like to know more, follow me at @itsmeredithwhitney

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